Back Office Operations

Productivity. Efficiency. Engagement.

The offshore outsourcing model for technology services has now been firmly established and the cost arbitrage of this model is now integrated in the IT budgeting process of a significant percentage of US corporations. A much smaller percentage of these companies have been attempting to extend the offshore model for IT services to business processes, though they have not always been successful because of the different dynamics associated with business processes. A large number of vendors have offered outsourcing services for business processes in very generic areas like Help Desk HR and financial accounting but there is hardly a vendor who offers an offshore model for more specialized business processes.

Enter SaaS Leaders. Leveraging our vast knowledge repository of the insurance domain, SaaS Leaders has helped its clients handle several specialized business processes. These include, but are not limited to Online Processing of Benefits Enrollment, Electronic Data Processing ensuring HIPPA compliance and Back End Office Process Automation including Installation, Mass Updates and Billing Audit. SaaS Leaders quality standards for running these operations has reached and, in some cases, bettered, Six Sigma standards. Our clients have derived significant cost savings and have also managed to enrich the job content of their onsite personnel by moving these processes offshore.

SaaS Leaders single-minded focus on the insurance vertical enables us to quickly come up to speed on any process that our clients desires to move offshore, provided the process itself lends itself to being handled from offshore. Understanding the process itself, setting up the pre-requisites, training the designated SaaS Leaders personnel on the new process as well as the actual transition of the process to the offshore team happens smoothly and expeditiously with very little interference with the day to day onsite activities. SaaS Leaders also works on a pre-agreed service level agreement (SLA) with most of its clients to ensure that these operations work at the required efficiency and mesh seamlessly and without disruption with the processes that they interface with onsite.