Supply Chain

Construction. Assembly. Merging.

SaaS Leaders has worked extensively in the retail and supply chain industry to help develop and deploy solutions for clients to achieve process optimization and inventory control, two of the biggest concerns in the industry. SaaS Leaders understands the challenges faced by the supply chain and retail industry and sees the need for today's retail service providers to differentiate themselves through an integrated customer service and process optimization approach:

  • Deregulation and globalization have increased the level of competition in the retail marketplace. Pressure to improve profit margins and operational efficiencies is constant.
  • To win and keep customers, retail firms must differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service. Merely offering a low cost product or service is no longer enough.
  • The nature of operations in the industry is such that it involves multiple levels of channel, each with its own set of constraints. This gives rise to four typical decision problems in the industry.
  • A track record of having successfully developed and implemented solutions that have had major impact on bottom line
    • Location Decision
    • Production Decision
    • Inventory Decision
    • Transportation Decision
  • Contrasting infrastructures created by mergers and acquisitions can restrict access to critical analytics and management information.