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The debate over whether offshore outsourcing is beneficial is no longer relevant. As the world shrinks to a global village, as unprecedented improvements in communications enable workers in distant lands to work real time with their US counterparts, there is a perceptible paradigm shift on the part of all corporations, big and small, on assessing how to derive competitive advantage through offshore outsourcing. In what is projected to grow into a US$150 billion industry, it is often the smaller organizations, such as TPAs and Insurance Brokers that are not able to take full advantage of this trend - their smallness means that the big vendors with their sophisticated delivery models do not consider them worth their while, while the smaller vendors that they are forced to use do not have the degree of sophistication in their delivery model to make the experiment commercially viable.

This is precisely the niche that SaaS Leaders is focused on. SaaS Leaders delivery model almost guarantees 6 Sigma level of quality while our size ensures that our clients receive the kind of attention that they deserve. Our services in this area span from helping our clients draw up a complete road map for offshore outsourcing through hand-holding them through the initial "learning curve" phase to finally setting up an offshore team that works basically as an extension of the client's own IT department. SaaS Leaders broad based technology and domain expertise ensures that the team can proactively contribute at every stage of the cycle. In short, with SaaS Leaders, you get a partner that will help you level the playing field as you compete with the bigger competitors in your business space.